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Post by Kaioshin on Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:42 am

Hello there child i am Kaioshin....and welcome to the world i created

before i permit you to enter here i must go through the rules:

1. Cursing is allowed, as long as it's not directed at anyone in particular. But please, try to keep it to a minimum.

2. No Flaming. Respect all members and be courteous. Constructive criticism for one's work is accepted though. Be friendly to other people. We all came from various places, but, that does not mean we cannot be friends. Show respect to the other players. That means no picking senseless fight with them just because you find them annoying in some way.

3. The Character limit is 4 Once you reach 750 posts this limit will be boosted to 10

4. You can only be in ONE PLACE at a time per character. You cannot be everywhere at once. So, when you post in a place, do not jump to post in another place till you done a role-play in that place. With the exception in the OOC General Board and Introduction/Farewell thread.****

5. When you enter a place, do not forget to write [enter from the place you’re from before] in the beginning of your post. When you done a role-play in the same place and want to move to other place, do not forget to write [leave to the place you will go to] too.

6. You can have relationship with others, as long as the other player agrees. We are Yaoi, Yuri, Hetro, Incest friendly.

7. NC-17 is allowed.

8. You are not allowed to delete accounts if you wish to stop using a character please inform an admin.

9. After registering, please use the character's full name. And for Japanese names, use the Japanese style. (last name first)

10. OCs must provide a full profile and it must be approved any OC caught RPing without approval will get a warning.

11. Do not double post, triple post, or anything related to multiple posting. There is always the modify button. This rule can be ignored if no one has posted for 10 mins or that you need to bring attention to a thread

12. We allow for self-RP, seeing as there aren't that many members coming on of the late. But, try not to go too far, okay?

13. OCs story cannot interfere with fandom based story. example: I am Uzamaki Izumi or i have a bankai. Your OC cannot use things that a Fandom allready has or been involved somehow with an event that happened in a Fandom such as "the great ninja war" or "the king of iron fist tournament 6"

14. No GOD-MODDING, METAGAMING, or any of the likes. UNLESS you have consent from the other player.

If you don't know what that is:

- GODMODDING is when you use your character to control the actions of another. Like when your character throws a punch and strikes his opponent's face in the same sentence. Not cool. That means, you cannot control the other player character's action or reaction. You have to allow the other character time to react.

- METAGAMING is when your character has knowlege that is OOC KNOWLEDGE. Namely, if you personally read something that is locked as private and unhackable, your character shouldn't know what was written there because he or she wouldn't have been able to read it. Likewise, if you are given information on an event, your character won't automatically know what the hell is going on.

- Also, your character should NOT be able to call out another characters name to whom he has never ever once meant before. Unless you've given a good reason as to why and how that characters knows that other character before their initial meeting, then this rule can be ignored. (Example being: characters being private investigators, members of a mafia gang, etc. If that is the case, then it is allowed, since that is their job)

15: Any Action Kaioshins does can not be stopped**

16: Those who like to lurk if you dont like what you see then lurk elsewhere no one is forcing you to remain

17: If you are not going to be active please say so in the hiatus thread

WARNING: Failure to do so can result in you losing your accounts

18: you may not appear hidden

disclaimer - by signing up for the forum i can and will assume you have read all the rules....these rules can and most likely be changed and by signing up you agree with the rules and this disclaimer

** Kaioshin will not RP with other characters but will do events or create places or interfere when someone godmods
**** subject to the character in question but dont take the piss


1. Upon breaking a rule and caught you will get a warning depending on how minor it rule break or the admin who caught you

2. breaking the rules 3 times in a week results in a 1 day IP ban

3. being banned 3 times for rule breaking will result in a 1 week IP ban

4. 3 Week bans will result in a disscussion amonst the admin team on further action

Bannings are not up for debate you will serve your full ban

-People been banned-

-None and lets keep it that way kay- ^^

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