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Post by Hizunara Sasuke on Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:51 am

Name: Hizunara Sasuke

Nickname: Sasu or Red head. Stray dog.

Age: 19(is a lot older)

Looks: Half long red hair. Always wearing a T-shirt and jeans or a yukata. A little bit muscled. Has a tattoo of a red shuriken on his right shoulder also one of the kanji for inu(dog) and has a few scars on his body and face. He has a slight tan. 1.85 m tall. Has no facial hair. Brown eyes. Has a roundish face and doesn’t look his age. He looks like he’s 15-18 years old. Looks annoyed or is sleeping. Can blush, yes he can…

Spirit/demon form: Red eyes, claws and a red tail that’s burning at the tip. He also gets red dog ears. The rest stays the same. His ears and tail look like those of a husky.

Voice: A little bit heavy and rough but still kind.

Childhood looks: Was a very cute child. Was of course smaller then he is now. Always wore a yukata that was slightly too big. He already had red hair back then but it was longer. Already had the tattoo of the kanji back then

Birthday: 13 May.

Gender: Male

Species: Dog spirit/demon. Is a guardian deity but isn't stuck to one shrine. He's mostly in human form.

Family: Hizunara Itachi his brother and the only family he has. Their parents supposedly died when they were young(around 8 and 10 years.) Itachi is the older brother, also a dog spirit/demon guardian deity.

Occupation: Host at an host club and assassin. (both part-time) And he sometimes helps some people of the village on the farm.

Personality: A real tsundere. Doesn’t blush as much as his brother. Hates being used and betrayed and he’ll start yelling really fast. Is a hothead but has a weakness for cute, innocent people/things. Will say what’s on his mind and call you names. Won’t hurt girls except if they’re a threat.(His target or attacks him, shouts things at him etc)

Good traits: Will help you with stuff if you ask him nicely. Won’t attack girls that fast. Has a good heart.

Bad traits: Will start an argument really fast. Calls most people idiots and bastards. a hothead.

Quarks: Randomly calling people names. No patience. Easily insulted. Usually walks around without his shoes. Letting his tail or ears pop out.

Fears: Crowds is the one thing he fears the most. He doesn’t like crowded places because he got lost once as kid in one and was pushed and squished(in that crowd). Never being able to find a master, to be alone with his brother for ever.

Dislikes: Crowds(obviously) Spoiled girls. Someone finding out that he’s bi-sexual. People who irritate him.

Friends: Natsumi Andrews(childhood friend, girl), Claude Nightlight (love-hate friendship) and he likes Itachi even though he won’t admit it (as a brother XD).

Past: Lived in Japan for a while when he was young. There he learned the art of being a ninja. Itachi and Sasuke left the country after finding out about being dog spirits/demons. They were chased out of every village or they were chased by assassins. Since then they lived all over the world. They met Claude in The Netherlands and apparently Sasuke’s old friend Natsumi lived in his house. Itachi and Sasuke could stay in Claude’s mansion where his brother and he lived with a few other people. He likes the mansion and the huge garden. Wants to see even more of the world.

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The picture is Hiroto Kiyama

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