A big mall

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A big mall Empty A big mall

Post by Hizunara Sasuke on Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:18 am

It's not as big as I thought it would be...
It will be great for dates though [smirks]
Ah well
Hizunara Sasuke
Hizunara Sasuke

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A big mall Empty Re:A big mall

Post by Amelia Namina on Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:06 pm

What a nice place~
[smiles a bit]
So many different shops, I'm sure I'll enjoy shopping here.
[Sees a shop for lease]
Ah~ I might be able to put my art shop there, now, just
need some paintings and stuff. It'll be a wonderful
Amelia Namina
Amelia Namina

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