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Post by Amelia Namina on Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:38 am

Name: Amelia Namina

Nicknames: Aime


Looks:Amelia looks younger than she is, by a year or two only. She has long white hair to just past her waist, and bright red eyes. Her body is slim, and her development is between regular and excessive. Her face is slightly sharp, but mostly round. Normally she will wear all black, all white, gothic-lolita, regular gothic, and cosplay. She also likes wigs, to make her hair appear longer or shorter, but will mainly just tie her natural hair up in a bow. At times, she will carry stuffed dolls around with her, simply because she can.

Voice:A soft and childish voice that can be serious and sweet when she wants to sound this way

Childhood looks:( )
About the same, she grew... and developed... XD

Birthday: May 27th



Family: Lost family: Mother (Clarissa Namina); Father (Gideon Namina); Family she no longer lives with: 37 year old brother (Darrien Namina); 26 year old sister (Kari Layton): (Both married); Family she lives with: (Twins with Mark, older by a day) 18 year old sister (Lissa Namina); (Twins with Lissa, younger by a day) 18 year old brother (Mark Namina); Adoptive mother (Queen Victoria) (XDD Random~~)

Occupation:Amelia does her own work, owns a small art shop, where she sells art she made, and supplies for art. Also, she works to help her sister, who's training to become a doctor, so she trains as a nurse on the side.

Personality:Amelia is a rather social person... well... she can be. Normally, she likes to keep to herself, unless she finds someone interesting, or really trusts the person. Mostly, she can be annoying, when she opens up to someone, but she is really just cute, and shy, not sure how to please people, so she acts in a way she can expect their reactions. Once she knows the person will like her for her cuter self, who she really is, then she acts that way whenever she's around them. Amelia blushes easily, when she's embarrassed or someone does something to make her blush, well, she just blushes easily. Now, even though Amelia is an annoying person, she is also caring and brave, and, even though she is shy, she will often say good-bye to complete strangers with a kiss. Not one to take orders, she prefers giving them, and getting results. As I mentioned before, Amelia acts in a way that she can get an expected reaction from people, because she can read others, she likes being able to do that, though she can't do so as well as she thinks.
(I think I explained it wrong ^^; Oh, well...)

Good Traits: Caring, cute, sweet, brave

Bad Traits: Hides who she is, keeps to herself, does not easily take insults

Quirks:Messes up her cloths with paint and stuff like that, chews on her pencils and the handle of her brushes, and forgets to change out of her night shirt when she first wakes up (She remembers after she fully wakes up, though D: Okay, only once she walked around in it all day, but she was at home the whole time!! DX)

Fears:Travel, scary things, and being/ getting lost
(First/third thing explained in Past:)

Dislikes:Any form of transportation, people who think they know her/ that she's spoiled because she's the Queen's daughter, Mr. Anthony (The man assigned to watch over her and her siblings when their mother can't), and things such as underground tunnels/passageways/etc.

Friends: Siblings (sometimes), mother (Adopted), some people who are close to her mother (She makes odd friends...), Taylor and Andrea Petterson, Chucky Nickles, Robert Christ, and Kayla Price (First/third/fourth from the orphanage, boys) (Second/fifth from orphanage, girls)

Past:As a child, Amelia's parents had gone on a trip around the world. (business) It was reported months later that the two were missing, no one knew where the were, nor could they be contacted. A few months were given to the children before they had to go to an orphanage, it was within that time, that the two oldest were married, and the other three were forced into the orphanage. Each quickly adapted to the people and lifestyle there. It was a year or so, an announcement was made, the Queen's husband died, and she wished to adopt children. Thanks to this, many of the orphanages did their best to attract her attention. The one Amelia and her siblings was the fifth one she came to. The woman was interested slightly in Amelia, but the child she really wanted was her brother, the reason the three of them were all adopted, was because, the two only agreed to go with her if their older sister was able to go, as well.

(Now I think my character is kind of lame... XD)
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Post by Leon Magnus on Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:37 am

I don't think this character to be lame, personnaly and it is kind of well developped.
But for your avatar, you use an already existing character's image. How much are they alike in their personnality and background?
About the twins : how can their difference in age can be a day? Was the first born near midnight or something? o.O
About her personnality, you first say she's a sociable one but what follows shows that she's not that sociable (keeping for herself, annoying)... That's not very logical, you should change the way you described this.
The rest is good. ^^
About the avatars of OCs, it was decided not long ago (that's why it's not in the rules) that they shouldn't use existing character's avatars like you did. We instead advise that you draw the character yourself or if you really can't draw ask someone from the forum who can to draw the character for you. That person will send the drawing by PM until you like it.
But as it's not in the rules, it's more of an advice so if you really prefer to keep your current avatar you won't be refused for that.
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