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Post by Kaioshin on Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:19 pm

Hey its Kaioshin These are rules for RPing the other set of rules are well general rules these are more based on characters

1. A maid/butler must obey most commands from their masters

2. You do not have to take part and can just do your own thing (but try to give it a shot)

3. A master can do as he so pleases with who he owns PROVIDED the player agrees

4. A master/mistress character can only own 3 Non-master people at one time

5. Kaioshin is not a proper character more like god of this world or GM

6. Time skip is allowed provided both players agree. If you are stuck in a RP and the other character is on hiatus you can request time skip from a mod or an admin

7. you can only have half your characters as masters characters if you wish not to partake please say so and i will make arrangements

8. Any OC that hasnt been approved by a mod/admin and is caught RPing will be blocked for 1 day after approval

9. Intro threads are not proper RP your character my greet but do not RP there

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