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Post by sexykagome16 on Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:40 am

Name: sakura akuma

Nicknames: sakura


Looks:sakura akuma 679293001_61757

Voice: cute soft voive

Childhood looks:sakura akuma Untitled2

Birthday: nov 4

gender: female


Family: Her parents died when she was just a young girl, she doesn't remember anything about them
she curentlly lives with her elder brother

Occupation: waitress at a resturant

Personality: sakura is a very smart and outgoing person, she rather be having fun outside than being inside. shes a very sweet person and shell do whatever it takes to just have a good time with freinds.

Good Traits: Caring, outgoing, cute, adventuras, sweet, brave

Bad Traits: keeps things to herself to not make others worry

Fears: insects, neddles

Dislikes: being locked up,


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