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Post by Kaioshin on Sun Jul 03, 2011 5:28 am

okay here you can drop a character you no longer wish to play but their are some rules and things you need to know

1. You must have a valid reason to drop said character

2. when your character drop has been accecpted then people can claim him

3. if you are at your character limit and your drop is accecpted you cannot make a new character till the other has been taken or 2 weeks has passed

4. these rules will be ignored if you are caught with more than your character limit in which case the latest character you made will be erased and you will be banned from playing them

5. Upon handover of a character you will PM a admin to let us know it has been a success

6. your characters can be placed here without your consent if you do not declare that you are going to be inactive

7. you may only drop 1 character per week

I find the rules to be firm and fair if you do no please message me throught PMs

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