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Name: Leon Magnus
Fandom: Tales of Destiny (going with the PS2 version)
Canon Point: Before the beginning of the game
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Weapon of Choice: Swordian Chaltier

Personality: Despite his young age, Leon has a very strong sense of hierarchy and is very mature. He tends to be very cold and harsh with people he doesn't know and has a short temper. He is also single-minded and when he has something in head, it is very hard to persuade him to stop. He is thus quite hard to befriend. But those who make efforts to know him better will eventually discover his true nature which the one of is very gentle and caring person who would do anything for the people he cares for the most (he is a kuudere).

Strengths: Quite intelligent, nice tactician, prodigy in swordsmanship, courageous, very quick and agile.

Weaknesses: He tends to overestimate his abilities and can rush headlong into battles he can't win, his sweet tooth, the fact he looks like a girl (and is sometimes even mistaken for one), his little height, somehow Marian (if used as a hostage), the fact he can't fight well without his Swordian.

History: Leon was born as Emilio Kartret/Gilchrist and is the second child of Hugo Gilchrist (the President of a very big and influent company) and Chris Kartret. Has an older sister named Rutee who is two years older than him and was abandoned when he was still a baby. His mother also died when he was still a baby so he was raised by his father alone. His father was always very cold towards him and never showed him any sing of love so he was very lonely and tried his best to gain some sign of approval from his father, doing his best to make him happy or proud but without any result. When he was 8 he recieved the Swoadian Chaltier (Swordians are sentient swords who can be heard by very few people) and as Leon was very lonely, they soon developped a very strong bound (to the point they are together ALL the time). Some time later, his father hired a maid named Marian who resembled Leon's mother a lot and as she was the only human being who really cared for him in the whole house, she soon became Leon's mother figure. Because of his father's importance, all the people who wanted to befriend Leon only really wanted money or something from his father and didn't really care about him so Leon never had any friend except Chaltier before.

Appearance: Leon is very tiny for his age (only 1m59 at 16) and pretty skinny (48 kg). He has black hair combed in a way it hides his right eye. He has blue eyes and wears a golden earring at his left ear.
He is wearing a blue tunic, a white belt to which is attached his sword's scabbard, white leggins and blue boots. He is also wearing a pink cape and has a silver necklace.
As I am not good at describing looks I'll also post a full pic of him.
Leon Magnus' Profile Leon+magnus

Powers: Able to use offensive spells thanks to his Swordian (only useful during fights).
Leon Magnus
Leon Magnus

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