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Post by Kaioshin on Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:37 pm

Ahem.. I guess I will tell you how to RP here.
So make sure to read here first befor RP ing the RP places here!
Now let's begin!!

1. To enter a a place, please write....[enters] In the beginning of your post. This is very important.

2. Then, to talk, just write normally.

3. to do action, don't forget to use [] too. So for example. [jumps off from a nearby cliff] or something like that.

4. For talking to your self use Italic. For example= I better leave.

5. To end the RP in that place or want to move to another place, write [leaves] in the end of your post.

6. If you want to offline or maybe you have sudden thing to do, just don't forget to [leaves] before you go offline.

7. To talk OOC in while you're still RPing, use {{}}. Example= {{Sorry, I gotta go now. Thanks for the RP!!}}

8. NPC chat will be done in red NPCs can be shopkeepers or assistants ect ect please put the name/type of NPC before you type

Now, for the whole example. I use Kaioshin.


[look around]
Hmph, this is stupid.

Member of the public: I like it here [dances]

[I better leave...]


{{Sorry, I need to eat my lunch now. I'll online later}}


Q. Why is it done in script RP and not story

A. Because people have different levels of ability and this way we dont have people getting a lot of writers block trying to come up with say 4 paragraphs (which i have seen as the minimum)

Q. What if my character has MPD and often talks to them

A. Then in your character profile you need to announce that and state how you are going to show that for example. "my oc has 3 personalltys i and they will be repersented with colours yellow and green"

I guess this is enough. More soon!! So please learn how to RP here, okay?

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